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Title: Server changelogs [last update: 23-06-2020]
Post by: Trent on April 04, 2020, 08:22:50 PM
Update 04-04-2020

- The amount of RPG, Grenades and Molotovs a player can carry at a time is now limited. If you try buying more than the limit, it will not have any effect.
- Shooting with a sniper will temporarily reveal the player on the map.
- Bugs related to sniper headshot have been fixed.
- Using spray cans / fire extinguishers on players who recently used sewer entrances/elevators/ladders will be punished. The amount of ammo for these weapons has also been decreased.
- Added extra elevators to the Area 51 interior.
Title: Re: Server changelogs [last update: 25-05-2020]
Post by: Tamer on May 25, 2020, 03:07:27 PM
Update 25-05-2020

- Town map has been re-worked.
- Added an extra floor to the hospital.
- Mainly bug fixes and improvements to existing code.
Title: Re: Server changelogs [last update: 23-06-2020]
Post by: Tamer on June 23, 2020, 01:42:55 PM
Update 23-06-2020

- Revamped class XP rewards (/upgrades), new abilities and removal of old abilities.
- Revamped shop system.
- /drop is back.
- Revamped killcam, fixed bugs related to it and improved its code.
- Peacekeepers can extend killcam further as a spectate substitute, if the target player has been reported.
- Killcam can be stopped by pressing Y, provided that the player has watched it for at least 10 seconds after extending.
- In the future, VIPs will be able to skip the killcam entirely, however right now this feature is not active.
- Some new commands for peacekeepers.
- Moved Alpha Squad and Hitman Base.
- New sniper unsteady-breath system.
- Revamped Area 51 bomb mission.
- Revamped Volatile Material Mission, moved the sewers to the Terrorist base.
- Minor and major code improvements to existing systems.

This is a huge update, hence bugs may occur. Please visit the Bug Report section if you come across any bugs.
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