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[TUT] Usage of Action Menu.
« on: June 28, 2014, 12:45:55 PM »
Hello everyone, this is Arvi_Rebane and this topic is a short tutorial on the usages of Action Menu in-game.

Purpose of this Tutorial :
The main purpose I am creating this tutorial is to bring forward the idea and concept of "Action Menu" to the AVT community as well as other players playing AVT but not in the community. When I entered the server, as any new guys I was checking out the features of AVT. A little chat with Tamer indicated the presence of Action Menu. But as time went, I realised that except the forum members, noone else utilizes or even has knowledge about this feature and concept. Hence this tutorial is for those guys to bring light over the Action Menu feature, that has been almost abandoned or unrecognized by majority of the players playing AVT.

Description :
Action Menu is a text draw menu that allows you to interact with other players using specific actions like reporting them , healing them (as a medic) , tagging them as friends and messaging them as well as war specific actions like giving orders , items etc.

Procedure :
Action Menu can be brought up in the battlefield by the following instructions ;
  • Aim at a player using the weapon's crosshair.

Note : The player could be in the same team or in the opposite team.

  • Press H or the Middle Mouse button (MMB) while aiming the player.
Note : A text draw menu will be opened at the bottom right side of the screen. It will have various options that can be clicked to proceed further deep into the table.

  • Click through various options available in the table. Each option opens a new table with a variety of options to select from.

Note : Not all the options are available to every single player. some options are class specific or can be performed only if the player is using that particular class. Eg. : Healing for medics, giving medkits only for those having medkits etc.

Action Menu Blueprint :

Main Menu Options
Sub Options List

MedkitGives medkit to the selected player. He must be your ALLY if you have one. Medkit is used for Healing fully once.(Can be bought from shop)
RepairkitGives Repairkit to the selected player. He must be an ALLY. Repairkit is used to fix vehicles instantly.(Can be bought from Shop)
HelmetGives Helmet to the selected player. He must be an ALLY. Helmet can protect the user from headshot by Snipers / Hitman agents. Can be bought from /shop.

Special Action
Tag as FriendlyIt tags the selected player as friendly. It helps to deploy to him if you die. Deploying means teleporting to your team mate whom you have tagged as friendly.You can deploy only while you are in your spawn protection period and the tag on the player lasts only for 3 minutes.Only applicable to Allies. Condition to Deploy : Requires 500 xp.
CuffIt cuffs an OPPONENT such that he remains disarmed for some amount of time. Only Medics , Spec-ops and ........The cuffs are visible.
Neutralise Neutralises an opponent, fades his screen out so he can see nothing. Also the target shows an animation of blacking out.

Give Order
Cover Me!Order to ask team mates to provide defense.
Moving!Order to ambush.
Follow meOrder team mate to follow you.
Fall backOrder team mate to retreat.
Stop!Order team mate to stay still.
Cease Fire!Order team mate to stop firing.

Report Dialog box.                               The purpose is to report a hacker/rulebreaker/spammer or any offender. This action can also be done outside the Action menu by /report [id of player] [Reason] .

Message Dialog box.                                             Useful for sending PERSONAL MESSAGES to other players in the server.

Class Action..
Heal PlayerThis is only applicable to Medic class. They can heal the selected player with this option, if they are close enough to it. Otherwise you can heal teammates outside the Action Menu by using /mheal [ID].

Exiting the Action Menu:

To exit the action menu, press ESCAPE (Esc). Pressing Escape removes the pointer and changes back the mouse's functionality to the player's camera. But still the menu wont disappear , so press H  or MMB (Middle Mouse button )again to hide back the Action Menu.
It can also be hidden by completing any particular task of the action menu.
Another way of hiding the action menu is by shooting in any random direction. The script doesnt sense the use of Action menu during active combat and hence automatically hides the action menu.

If there is any error in any aspect I have mentioned in the tutorial, please make it a point to notify me in this topic so I can amend and correct it as soon as possible.

                                          Credits : [AVT]Amir , [PrO]Hazeiq , [AVT]Tamer
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Re: [TUT] Usage of Action Menu.
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2014, 01:38:36 PM »
Very very very very nice!
Good job!
Keep going!


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Re: [TUT] Usage of Action Menu.
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Re: [TUT] Usage of Action Menu.
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Re: [TUT] Usage of Action Menu.
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Re: [TUT] Usage of Action Menu.
« Reply #5 on: June 28, 2014, 05:38:41 PM »
Very useful for New players, good job.
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Re: [TUT] Usage of Action Menu.
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Stick this topic please


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Re: [TUT] Usage of Action Menu.
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Re: [TUT] Usage of Action Menu.
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i am [PrO]Hazieq (not [PrO]Hazeiq) but never mind xD

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Re: [TUT] Usage of Action Menu.
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nice 1 bro  :D


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Re: [TUT] Usage of Action Menu.
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God job!


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Re: [TUT] Usage of Action Menu.
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Well done!
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Re: [TUT] Usage of Action Menu.
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