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SAF :: Rules and Regulations
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San Andreas Airforce
Rules and Regulations

Aircraft regulations
> Hydra
This second division aircraft is the one you start with. When entering a hydra you'll receive a warning message reminding you to change your fly mode. Operating this vehicle is only allowed in the "NUM 8" mode (fly mode). Using the "NUM 2" mode (hover mode) is strictly forbidden. Failing to comply to this rule leads to suspension. You may not use Hydra when the total amount of online players online is below 15. Attacking any base (Army, Terrorists 55th Commando Regiment, Hitman Organization) is strictly disallowed. The Hydra is only to be used for combat purposes.

Below you see a short video demonstration of the fly mode rule.

Rules overview
> General rules
• Always comply with the general server rules while on SAF duty.
• Every member is required to obey the SAF rules and regulations at all times.

> While on SAF duty
• SAF combat aircraft are meant for combat purposes only. Using these vehicles for transport or any other means is strictly prohibited.
• You may attack enemy bases using any SAF aircraft.
• Only English is allowed in the San Andreas Air Force radio channel (/ac)
• Always maintain a professional attitude.
• All roles are to be discussed in San Andreas Air Force radio channel (/ac).
• It is not allowed to engage enemies while the landing gear is down.

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Re: SAF :: Rules and Regulations
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