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Privacy policy
« on: February 28, 2014, 09:07:29 PM »
Privacy policy [AVT] Army vs. Terrorists TDM
april 2020

[AVT] Army vs. Terrorists TDM, hereafter to be named 'AVT', collects your data in various ways in order to make certain processes possible. Some data are collected automatically, such as your IP address and data you submit to the server. Every time you use any of our services, your IP address, user agent or any similar piece of information will be logged for security reasons. This applies for the website, community forum, SA:MP server and Discord server. We aim to guarantee your privacy as best as possible and we will treat your information confidentially.

How do we protect your personal information?

We will never share the data we have collected and stored with any third parties. Within AVT, staff members are only able to access the minimal required data which is required for them to do their work.

Data encryption
Personal information including, but not limited to, passwords, email addresses and IP addresses are secured in the best way to avoid data exposures. Passwords, for example, are masked using a hashing algorithm. This means that this data is encrypted in such a way that it forms a unique 'code' for you. This code can not be deciphered and we are not able to see the true 'raw' data. Staff members will never ask for your password for any reason, ever.

Limit exposure
We collect your data to make certain processes possible. We make sure that we handle your data with all the care required, and to limit the exposure of your data. This means that we will only collect access the data which is absolutely required for these processes. The data that we do collect, however, can only be accessed by a limited part of the staff team. The data we have collected will only be retrieved when necessary. Peacekeepers are not considered to be a part of the staff team. As a result, they have no access to your private data.

Who can access my data?

Server Management
- Server Owner: Ability to access and modify all collected data. This includes the ability to log in to all accounts registered for debugging / testing purposes only.
- Server Manager: Ability to access and modify all collected data, with the exception of the ability to log in to all accounts.
- Senior Administrator: Ability to access all forum data, and essential in game data (IP address, user statistics and so on).

Ability to access essential forum data, and essential in game data.

Ability to access essential in game data.

Trial Moderators
Ability to access essential in game data.

Questions or complaints

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, or if you have any complaints, please contact any management staff member of AVT through this forum. You can contact management through My Messages > Messages > New Message.

All rights reserved.
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