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Just a few suggestions
« on: May 27, 2021, 07:42:14 PM »
Okay so, I think that each class should have a specific amount of score required to be able to access it. Assault class should be 0 score ( So members can at least spawn ) Recon class should be 100 score, Enginner class ( idk if it's able to access tanks ) if it is able to get in a Tank score should be at least 1K or 1,500 Score ( Since Tank is a heavy vehicle ), Medic class should be 400 score. Close range class should be 650 score, Bomber class should be 850. And Rambo class score required can be reduced down to 5K score ( But it's not really necessary anyways ). Add a class named 'Sniper' sniper class should have same weapons as recon 1K XP has rn, tho Sniper should be 100 score and Recon should be moved to 5K score with some new abilities ofc since 5K score is a bit too much ( maybe ? ) Okay so Recon shouldn't have heavy breathing with sniper, it should also have a new command which you guys can probably add named /attachsniper that should attach a sniper toy behind the person(s) back. Also thought about adding a class 'Commander' it should have some commands like /chealth /carmour refills health and armour [ Cool down 5 Minutes ] also you shouldn't be able to use them if you recently toke damage. Now about car slots, they should be able to purchased from the shop for 2M $. Also /getcar is way too Overpowered you can spawn it anywhere at anytime, so let's do something about it shall we? How about we add a command /parkcar, it parks your vehicle on a place, so when you do /getcar and you choose the vehicle it should spawn at the place you parked it, not directly on you. Also how about adding the Hitman organization faction a command /placehit they should be able to place hit on any other player of the army they should be able to place a hit and pick amount of cash for the hit max cash should be 10K. Example /placehit [ Nick name ] 10000. 'Redcore has accomplished the hit contract on player [ Nick name ] and has recieved 10K$.



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