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Current Class XP Rewards Scheme
« on: July 06, 2014, 04:52:44 PM »

Close Range

Knife(1), Grenade(2), Desert Eagle(60), MP5(100), M4(175)
Knife(1), Silenced 9mm(75), Sniper Rifle(100), Parachute(1)
Desert Eagle(20), MP5(75), AK-47(100)
9mm(100), Shotgun(50), Country Rifle(20)
Ability Unlocked:
Ability to revive teammates via /revive by typing the command near their corpses.Increased 9mm damage , Increased Shotgun damage.
Grenade(2), Dual 9mm(125), Shotgun(50), MP5(75), Spray Can(50)
Grenade(3),  9mm(75), MP5(75).             
Ability Unlocked:
Increased 9mm damage(1.5x).
Shotgun(70), Country Rifle(15), Flamethrower(750).

Knife(1), Grenade(3), Desert Eagle(75), MP5(150), M4(200)
Knife(1), Silenced 9mm(100), Sniper Rifle(150), Parachute.
Ability Unlocked :
Increased Silenced 9mm damage
Grenade(1), Desert Eagle(150), MP5(100), M4(100)
Dual 9mm(150), Shotgun(65), Country Rifle(30).
Ability Unlocked:
Ability to cuff an opponent for 3 seconds through the Action Menu
Dual 9mm(150), Shotgun(100), MP5(100), Spray Can(100).
Ability unlocked:
Increased 9mm damage
Increased Shotgun damage
Grenade(4), Dual 9MM(100), MP5(100)
Ability Unlocked:
Increased 9mm damage
C4 plant cooldown decreased to 20 seconds
Shotgun(100), Country Rifle(20), Flamethrower(1000)

Knife(1), Grenade(4), Desert Eagle(100), MP5(175), M4(300)
Knife(1), Silenced 9mm(125), Sniper Rifle(200), Parachute(1).
Ability Unlocked:
Invisibility from the radar for 2 minutes
Ability to stun opponents for 3 seconds through Action Menu
Increased knife damage
Desert Eagle(75), MP5(150), M4(125)
Dual 9mm(200), Shotgun(85), Country Rifle(40), Fire Extinguisher(250)
Ability Unlocked:
Invisibility from the Radar for2 minutes.
Increased 9mm damage.
Increased Shotgun damage.
Grenade(3), Desert Eagle(30), Shotgun(125), MP5(100),    Spray Can(150).
Ability Unlocked:
Ability to cuff an opponent for 5 seconds through Action Menu.
Increased Knife damage.
Dual 9mm(150), MP5(150), Country Rifle(20).
Ability Unlocked:
Increased 9mm damage(2x)
Molotov Cocktail(4), Shotgun(125), AK47(150), Country Rifle(40).
Ability Unlocked:
Increased Shotgun damage.
Cuff opponents through Action Menu.

Knife(1), Grenade(5), Desert Eagle(125), MP5(200), M4(350), T1 Grenade Launcher(1).
Ability Unlocked:
Shoot at a suicide bomber's bomb to disable it.
Knife(1), Silenced 9mm(150), Sniper Rifle(250), Parachute(1).
Ability Unlocked:
Invisibility from the radar for 3 minutes.
Increased Silenced 9mm damage.
Grenade(2), Desert Eagle(100), MP5(175), M4(150), RPG(2).
Ability unlocked:
Repair cooldown decreased time decreased to 15 seconds.
Repair capacity increased to 1500vHP.
Desert Eagle(50), Shotgun(100), Country Rifle(50), Fire Extinguisher(350).
Ability Unlocked:
Can revive two teammates per spawn. Invisibility from the radar for 3 minutes.
Grenade(4), Desert Eagle(45), Combat Shotgun(75), MP5(150), Spray can(200).
Ability Unlocked:
Spawn with 50 armour.
Grenade(5), Desert Eagle(100), Country Rife(30).
Molotov Cocktail(5), Shotgun(150), Country Rifle(50), Flamethrower(1500).

Knife(1), Grenade(7), Desert Eagle(150), MP5(220), M4(400).
Knife(1), Silenced 9mm(165), Sniper Rifle(300), Spray can(40).
Ability Unlocked:
Invisibility from the radar for 4 minutes.
Spraying an enemy with spray can flashes their view.
Increased knife damage.
Use /sdrop to parachute to any location on the map.
Grenade(3), MP5(200), M4(200), Spray Can(30).
Ability Unlocked:
Disabler - Disable vehicles by shooting at it with a Country Rifle.
Desert Eagle(75), Shotgun(120), MP5(100), Fire Extinguisher(500).
Ability Unlocked:
Increased shotgun damage.
Grenade(5), Desert Eagle(75), Combat Shotgun(100), MP5(175), M4(75), Spray can(250).
Grenade(6), MP5(200), Country Rifle(40).
Knife(1), AK47(300), Country Rifle(65), Flamethrower(1750).

Knife(1), Grenade(8 ), Desert Eagle(175), MP5(300), M4(450), T2 Grenade Launcher(1).
Ability Unlocked:
Use /sdrop to parachute to any location on the map.
Knife(1), Silenced 9mm(185), Sniper Rifle(350), Spray can(50), Parachute(1).
Ability unlocked:
Invisible nametag for 2 minutes.
Stun opponents(through action Menu) for 5 seconds.
Grenade(4), MP5(300), M4(225), Spray Can(50).
Ability Unlocked:
Repair capacity increased to 2000vHP.Spawn with repairkit
Desert Eagle(100), Shotgun(140), MP5(150), Fire Extinguisher(600).
Ability Unlocked:
Invisibility from radar for 4 minutes.
Spawn with a medkit. Additional 20 armour restoration for the healed player.
Grenade(5), Desert Eagle(100), Combat Shotgun(125), M4(100), Spray Can(300).
Grenade(7), Desert Eagle(150), Country Rifle(50).
Ability Unlocked:
C4 Plant cooldown decreased to 15 seconds.
Molotov Cocktail(6), AK47(250), Country Rifle(80), Flamethrower(2000).

Knife(1), Grenade(9), Desert Eagle(200), , MP5(350), M4(500), T2 Grenade Launcher(2).
Knife(1), Silenced 9mm(200), Sniper Rifle(400), Spray can(60), Parachute(1).Able to Headshot enemies using Sniper Rifle.
Desert Eagle(150), MP5(400), RPG(3), Spray Can(70). Spawn with repairkit.
Desert Eagle(125), Shotgun(160), MP5(175), Fire Extinguisher(750)Ability Unlocked:
Increased Shotgun damage.
Desert Eagle(150), Combat Shotgun(250), M4(125), Spray can(350).
Ability Unlocked
Increased Knife damage.
Grenade(8 ), Desert Eagle(200), MP5(250), Country Rifle(50).
Ability unlocked:
Increased C4 explosion range(2x).
Molotov Cocktail(7), AK47(300), Country Rifle(90), Flamethrower(2250).
Ability unlocked:
Spawn with a medkit.

Knife(1), Grenade(10), Desert Eagle(250), Combat Shotgun(25),MP5(400), M4(550), T2 Grenade Launcher(1).
Ability Launcher:
Increased MP5 damage.
Knife(1), Silenced 9mm(225), Sniper Rilfe(450), Spray can(75), Parachute(1).
Ability Unlocked:
Invisible Name Tag for 3 minutes.
Grenade(5), M4(250), Spray Can(85).
Ability Unlocked:
Repair capacity increased to 2500vHP.
Desert Eagle(150), Shotgun(180), MP5(225), Country Rifle(75), Fire Extinguisher(850).Ability UnlockedCan revive three teammates per spawn.
Combat Shotgun(300), MP5(200), M4(150).
Grenade(9), Desert Eagle(250), Country Rifle(125), AK47(150), Combat Shotgun(25).
Knife(1), Combat Shotgun(25), Country Rifle(100), AK47(350), Flamethrower(2500).

Knife(1), Grenade(11), Desert Eagle(300), Combat Shotgun(50), MP5(450), M4(600), Country Rifle(75), T2 Grenade Launcher(3).
Ability Unlocked:
Increased Knife damage.
Knife(1), Silenced 9mm(250), Sniper Rifle(500), Spray Can(85), Parachute(1).
Ability Unlocked:
Invisibility from the radar for 5 minutes.
Invisible for nametag for 4 minutes. You will not appear at the killcams.
Desert Eagle(180), M4(300), Spray Can(100)
Desert Eagle(200), Shotgun(200), MP5(350), Country Rifle(100).
Ability Unlocked:
Invisibility from the radar for 5 minutes.
Instantly heal your teammates around you with /mhealar. Drain your health with 10, cooldown, 4 minutes.
Desert Eagle(175), Combat Shotgun(350), MP5(250), M4(200), Spray can(400).
Ability unlocked:
Spawn with a Medkit.
Increased Knife damage.
Grenade(10), Desert Eagle(300), MP5(300), Country Rifle(150), Satchel Charge(1), Combat Shotgun(25).
Ability unlocked:
Automatically attach a bomb to a cuffed opponent - Explodes in 3 seconds.
Molotov Cocktail(10), Combat Shotgun(50), M4(400), Country Rifle(150), Flamethrower(2750)

Knife(1), Grenade(12), Desert Eagle(350), Combat Shotgun(75), MP5(500), M4(700), Country Rifle(150), T2 Grenade Launcher(4).
Ability unlocked:
You can now stun opponents through Action Menu.
Knife(1), Silenced 9mm(275), Sniper Rifle(550), Spray can(100), Parachute(1).
Ability unlocked:
Stun opponents(through Action Menu) for 7 seconds.
Grenade(6), Desert Eagle(200), MP5(500), M4(350), RPG(4), Spray Can(115).
Ability Unlocked:
Repair Capacity increased to 3000vHP.
Desert Eagle(250), MP5(400), Fire Extinguisher(1000).
Ability Unlocked:
Can revive more than three teammates per spawn.
Spawn with 2 Medkits.
Drop a medkit on ground with /addmb, nearby teammates will be healed.
Knife(1), Grenade(12), Desert Eagle(350), Combat Shotgun(200), MP5(500), M4(700), Country Rifle(150), T2 Grenade Launcher(4).
Ability unlocked:
Take 50 percent less fall damage.
Grenade(11), Country Rifle(200), RPG(1), Combat Shotgun(25).
Ability unlocked:
Explode the Area 51 blastdoors without using the Dune.
Instantly defuse bombs.
C4 Plant cooldown decreased to 10 seconds.
Molotov Cocktail(13), Combat Shotgun(75), M4(500), Country Rifle(200), Flamethrower(3000).
Ability unlocked:

Knife(1), Grenade(15), Desert Eagle(400), Combat Shotgun(200), M4(800), Country Rifle(200), T2 Grenade Launcher(5).
Ability unlocked:
Knife does even more damage.
Knife(1), Grenade(1), Desert Eagle(300), Sniper Rifle(600), Spray Can(100), Parachute(1).
Ability Unlocked:
Invisibility from the radar for 10 minutes.
Cuff opponents through the Action Menu for 7 seconds.
Invisible Nametag for 7 minutes.
T-UGS : Must be bought from XP shop, reveals map markers.
Spawn with medkit.
Grenade(10), Desert Eagle(300), MP5(600), M4(450), RPG(5), Spray can(150).
Ability unlocked:
EMP Pulse: Disable all vehicles around you for 10 seconds.(/strikemodeon).
Precision hit works on helicopters and planes.
Desert Eagle(300), Combat Shotgun(100), MP5(500), Fire Extinguisher(2000).
Ability unlocked: Instantly heal all your teammates around you with /mhealar. Drain your health with 20, cooldown, 2 minutes.
Grenade(8 ), Desert Eagle(250), Combat Shotgun(500), MP5(400), M4(500), Spray Can(550).
Ability unlocked:
T:Hack the Area51 code instantly.
A:Defuse Area51 bomb instantly.
Grenade(15), Desert Eagle(400), Country Rifle(250), AK47(300),  RPG(2), Combat Shotgun(25).
Ability unlocked:
Call in an airstrike (/strikemodeon).
C4 Plantdown time decreased to 5 seconds.
Molotov Cocktail(16), Combat Shotgun(100), M4(600), Country Rifle(400), Flamethrower(5000).
Ability unlocked:
Call in a Napalm Strike.(/strikemodeon).

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Re: Current Class XP rewards scheme
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