Author Topic: [TUT] How to save your ranks in TS3 (Identities)  (Read 258 times)

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[TUT] How to save your ranks in TS3 (Identities)
« on: August 16, 2015, 10:33:06 PM »
Soo few of you guys got the channel and VIP rights and admin rights and Channel admin rights,soo here is the tutorial on how to keep them save soo you dont have to wait for server admin to set up everything for you.

You go to Settings - Identities ,then you will see options and your ID (DO NOT SHARE YOUR ID WITH ANYONE)

You will see the options Add Remove Defualt Import Export. If you have rights already I recommend you to use "Export" options and save it somewhere safe where only you can access. Soo if you reinstall your TeamSpeak you will loose the rights the ID will change. Or you format your pc or w/e. After you installed the TeamSpeak3 and if you want your rights back like Channel admin,you go to Settings - Identities and click "Import" and get the .ini file you saved. You can name .ini file whatever you want. After you import that .ini file,your rights will be back! Hope this tutorial helps.


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