About Army vs. Terrorists

[AVT] Army vs. Terrorists TDM was originally founded in 2011 by [AVT]Turhan and [AVT]Tamer, with its official launch on the 22nd of January in 2012. After 4 beautiful years, we had decided to shut down the server for good in 2016. Though, in 2020, the server has been re-opened temporarily to relive the good memories!

How can I connect?

[AVT] Army vs. Terrorists TDM was temporarily re-opened during the worldwide COVID pandemic to relive the good memories. While the server is not online anymore, feel free to connect with the community through our Discord channel.

Where is the community forum?

The community forum is finally live and we have restored all the old posts as well! Visit it on

I need help with something!

Please let us know on Discord if you need any help or if you have any other questions.