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[AVT] Army vs. Terrorists TDM was originally founded back in 2011, by Turhan and Tamer. After spending weeks of planning, scripting and mapping, the server officially launched in 2012 on the 22th of January. At first, the original concept of the server was also TDM based, but instead of the Army fighting off the Terrorists, the employees of the Cluckin' Bell would fight against employees of the Burger Shot. Sadly, this plan got off the table and we could never witness this epic battle. Over the entire lifespan of the server there were 2 major downtimes where the future was unsure. But fortunately, we've bested both downtimes and are better than ever!


The script has completely been built from scratch, and is a true one of a kind. Regular updates and bug-free gameplay is the standard. We listen very closely to the suggestions and opinions of the community. The community decides what makes it into the server, and what doesn't.



San Andreas Airforce

Overwhelm the enemy with unexpected counter-attacks from the sky. Work together with forces on the ground for total domination on the battlefield.

San Andreas Airforce pilots have access to the Hydra by default. When promoted to the First Division, they get additional access to the Hunter and Seasparrow. Their base is located on an aircraft carrier somewhere on the open sea.

55th Commando Regiment

When the Army can't handle the Terrorists, they call the 55th Commando Regiment. This small but strict organization is known for their great teamwork and highly trained members.

Alpha Squad operatives spawn with a MP5 on default, have the ability to deploy near any other Alpha Squad operative, and get access to Alpha-only vehicles. Their base is located south west from the Army base and strategically placed nearby the battlezone.

Hitman Organization

If you heard the shot, you weren't the target. Contract killers from this worldwide network prefer to work quick and fast. Soldiers fear them.

Hitman Organization members spawn with a Sniper Rifle on default, have the ability to make headshots, and get access to Hitman-only vehicles. Their base is located somewhere north from the Army base, but whether this is true or not has not yet been confirmed.


How to join

Download the latest SA:MP Client

[AVT] Army vs. Terrorists TDM is running on the San Andreas Multiplayer (or SA:MP for short) platform. With this program you will be able to play San Andreas with players from all over the world on different servers and gamemodes! You can download the latest version here (link opens in a new tab).

Now head over to the top of this page and click the "Connect now!" button (not visible on mobile devices).


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